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About us

Entering the EPS sector in 1990, our company executive founded Enes Kalıp in 2006 and started to manufacture EPS molds. In 2010, with the new technological machinery that has become institutionalized and accelerated its production, the expert staff has become a well-known company in all of Turkey in a short period of time with its knowledge and experience in producing quality molds.

In the course of time, EPP responded to mold needs and made production. In this respect, EPP has succeeded in manufacturing molds. In addition, Enes Kalıp, who also has a name in the foreign market, also exports EPS Molds to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Our company is based on the principle of customer satisfaction and in line with its quality targets, we provide domestic and foreign customers with every sector that needs EPS-EPP products serves. Enes Kalıp is making injection mold production fast and high quality for EPS and EPP products.